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  • ​Situated between the beautiful Yellowstone River and Makoshika State Park, Glendive the County Seat of Dawson County is wonderfully situated to become an active area for the energy industry.  Glendvie is also ready and excited for the new opportunites the energy industry has coming our way.  Dawson County is wonderfully situated to become an active area for the energy industry has coming our way.  

  • Dawson County, Montana is a rural county 8,558 residents, most of whom live in ins economic hub, Glendive.  The city of Glendive proper has a population of  5,117 ,while its mneighbor West Glendive has a population of  1,830.  Dawson County has 522 current farms and ranches,a nd 296 commercial businesses and ofver $40,000,000.00 in total sales and we are willing and ready to grow.  Glendive is lucky to have BNSF in our community, with a working roundhouse, offering to help with transportation needs.  

  • Some of our largest employers are BNSF Railway, Glendive Medical Center, Glendive Public Schools, Mid Rivers Communications, Dawson Community College just to name a few.  We are also home of some great manufacturing including SRS Crisafulli.  Don't forget we have a wide varieety of smaller businesses, with room for more.  

  • ​This area is served by Dawson County Airport, Interstate 94, the BNSF Railroad, daily bus service, Cape Air and freight service.  We have excellent high speed broadband cable and internet connections through Mid-Rivers Communications.   Dawson County offers quality education-Glendive Public Schools and the Dawson Community College- and offers a trained can provide training specific to your needs.  

  • Dawson County features excellent recreation opportunities: dinosaurs, paddlefishing, motocross, hunting, fishing, golf, folf,  walking paths, sports including college rodeo, basketball, volleyball, golf, and shopping in unique stores.  We have outstanding tourist attractions such as Makoshika State Park, the Dawson County Fair, the Makoshika Dinosaur Museum, paddlefishing on the Yellowstone River, The  Frontier Gateway Museum, the Historic Bell Street Bridge, and more!